Dog Grooming

The Afghan Hound

Again there is the question of how much does one do to present a breed such as an Afghan. This is one heck of a glamorous breed with a great air of arrogance required.


The smiling happy face of the Samoyed is one that lights up the ring as someone said “with the face and heart of the spirit of Xmas the whole year through”.

Flat Smooth & Swinging

The most often questions asked were how to get a flowing coat to sit – smooth and straight, from a vast number of breeds ranging from Yorkies and Maltese to Am Cockers, English Cockers, Springers, Setters, Beardies & Afghans and lots in between.

Border Collie

A Shepherd’s Choice – wonderfully smart, eager to work and a handsome fellow as well. The Border Collie is not only a willing and able worker, he cuts a fabulous figure in the show ring too.



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